Discovering the Ease and Accuracy of Freestyle Libre 2

Living with diabetes often involves the repetitive and uncomfortable process of pricking one’s finger multiple times a day to measure glucose levels. Fortunately, a groundbreaking technology called Freestyle Libre 2 has emerged, revolutionizing blood sugar monitoring and ushering in a new era of blood glucose testing.

Freestyle Libre 2 is not just another glucose monitoring device; it is a game-changer that combines user-friendly features with exceptional accuracy, empowering individuals to gain valuable insights into their diabetes control.

At its core, the Freestyle Libre 2 system introduces a novel approach to glucose monitoring that eliminates the need for regular fingerstick methods. It offers continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) capabilities, providing real-time glucose readings and a wealth of information to assist individuals in making informed decisions about their diabetes management.

In this article, we will explore the ease and accuracy that Freestyle Libre 2 brings to the table. We’ll look into into its features, discuss the limitations of traditional glucose monitoring methods, and showcase how Freestyle Libre 2 is transforming the lives of individuals living with diabetes.

The Freestyle Libre 2 is a continuous glucose monitoring system that provides sensor glucose readings.

About Freestyle Libre 2

Freestyle Libre 2 is an exceptional advancement in glucose monitoring that brings ease and accuracy to the lives of individuals with diabetes. Let’s dig into the details and explore the innovative features and components that set Freestyle Libre 2 apart from conventional methods.

At the heart of the Freestyle Libre 2 system lies a small, discreet, and water-resistant sensor. Conveniently applied to the back of the upper arm, the sensor can be worn throughout the day without interfering with daily activities. Unlike traditional methods that require frequent fingersticks, this sensor continuously measures interstitial fluid glucose levels just beneath the skin’s surface.

What truly sets Freestyle Libre 2 apart is its ability to provide real-time glucose readings without the need for fingerstick calibration. Gone are the days of finger pricks, lancets, and test strips. Instead, individuals can access their glucose data simply by scanning the sensor with a reader or smartphone app.

The Freestyle Libre 2 reader or app allows users to obtain instant glucose readings, along with trend information showing how their glucose levels are changing over time. The reader’s intuitive interface displays a graph that visually represents glucose patterns, empowering individuals to make informed decisions regarding their diabetes management. Additionally, the system can set customizable alarms to notify users when glucose levels go above or below pre-set thresholds, ensuring timely interventions and promoting better glycemic control.

Another noteworthy feature of Freestyle Libre 2 is its ability to store up to 90 days of glucose data. This extensive historical glucose meter data allows individuals to identify trends, patterns, and correlations between their glucose levels and various factors like meals, exercise, and medication. Armed with this information, individuals can work collaboratively with their healthcare providers to fine-tune their diabetes management strategies, ultimately leading to better overall health outcomes.

The convenience, accuracy, and comprehensive insights provided by Freestyle Libre 2 make it a game-changer in glucose monitoring. Individuals can experience a newfound sense of freedom, liberated from the constraints of conventional methods and empowered to take control of their diabetes with ease and confidence.

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A woman scanning her CGM sensor to check glucose reading and monitor sensor values within her target glucose range

Ease of Use with Freestyle Libre 2

One of the key advantages of the Freestyle Libre 2 system is its remarkable ease of use, simplifying the process of glucose monitoring and empowering individuals with diabetes to take control of their health with convenience and confidence. In this section, we will explore the user-friendly features that make Freestyle Libre 2 a game-changer in ease of use.

Let’s start with the application and wearing of the Freestyle Libre 2 sensor. Applying the sensor is a quick and painless process. The small, discreet freestyle sensor is designed to be applied to the back of the upper arm using an applicator. Once applied, it can be worn continuously for up to 14 days, offering hassle-free glucose monitoring without the need for constant sensor replacement.

The sensor is water-resistant, allowing individuals to engage in their regular activities such as showering, swimming, and exercising without the fear of damaging the device. This durability ensures that individuals can wear the sensor with confidence, knowing that it will remain securely in place and provide accurate sensor readings even in challenging conditions.

Image of a water-resistant CGM sensor attached securely. Note that the sensor automatically stops working if it breaks inside.

Steps to Apply Freestyle Sensor

Step 1: Selecting an Ideal Sensor Site

  • Choose a flat area on the back of your upper arm for sensor wear/placement, avoiding areas prone to bending or folding. If placed in other areas, the Sensor may not function properly.

  • Ensure the site is at least 1 inch (2.5 cm) away from any recent insulin injection sites to prevent discomfort or skin irritation.

  • For optimal sensor adhesion, avoid using a site that was most recently used and make sure the area is clean-shaven to prevent interference with the sensor glucose readings.

Step 2: Preparing the Skin’s Surface

  • Wash the selected area with non-moisturizing, fragrance-free soap to clean the skin thoroughly.

  • Use an alcohol wipe to remove any oily residue, promoting better sensor wear/adhesion.

  • Allow your skin to completely dry before applying the sensor, especially if you recently showered or swam.

Step 3: Preparing the Freestyle Libre Sensor

  • Peel the lid from the sensor kit contents and unscrew the cap from the sensor applicator.

  • Align the marks on the circle sensor unit applicator and pack, then press down firmly on the sensor applicator until it stops.

  • Lift the sensor applicator out of the pack; it is now ready for application.

Step 4: Applying the Sensor

  • Position the sensor applicator over the prepared application site on your upper arm.

  • Press the sensor applicator firmly against your skin and hold it in place for a few seconds.

  • Gently pull the sensor applicator away from your body, leaving the sensor in place.

  • Verify the sensor’s security by pressing down on the adhesive and running your finger along the sensor to ensure proper adhesion.

a woman applying her CGM sensor from the sensor pack, inputting sensor codes, and tracking glucose trends for continuous monitoring

Remember to always follow the instructions provided in the Freestyle Libre 2 User’s Manual for precise and accurate sensor application. Proper application of the sensor is crucial for reliable and consistent glucose monitoring results. If you encounter any issues or have concerns, seek guidance from your healthcare professional or contact customer service.

Download Freestyle Libre 2 Manual

The Freestyle Libre 2 offers customizable sensor alarms for high and low glucose events, making it a standout feature for individuals managing diabetes. Users can set personalized high glucose and low glucose alarm based on their specific needs, allowing the sensor to trigger an alarm when glucose levels rise above or fall below these thresholds. These real-time alerts are vital as they promptly notify users of any significant changes in their blood glucose levels, empowering them to take immediate action and prevent severe hypoglycemia (severe low glucose event) or hyperglycemia (severe high glucose event).

The timely alerts provided by the sensor alarms enhance safety and peace of mind for individuals managing diabetes, especially those who may experience hypo- or hyperglycemic unawareness. By alerting users to potentially dangerous glucose fluctuations, the Freestyle Libre 2 helps prevent critical situations, reduces the risk of diabetes-related complications, and support effective diabetes management. This is particularly beneficial during sleep when glucose fluctuations can be challenging to detect. With the sensor alarms, users can sleep with greater confidence, knowing they will be alerted to any critical changes in their glucose levels during the night whether it’s a low or high glucose alarm.

In addition to benefiting users directly, the Freestyle Libre 2’s sensor alarms can also be remotely monitored by caregivers or healthcare professionals through the smartphone app or reader. This feature is especially helpful for individuals who require additional support in diabetes management, such as children, older adults, or those with diabetes-related complications. Remote monitoring allows for better supervision and timely intervention if needed, providing an added layer of safety and support.

Individuals can easily confirm sensor glucose readings and review their glucose history by scanning the Freestyle Libre 2 sensor with either the reader or smartphone app. The reader features a user-friendly interface that displays the current blood glucose test results, trend arrows indicating the direction of glucose change, and a glucose graph illustrating sequential readings over time. The reader’s built-in meter ensures accurate data of the sensor glucose readings throughout the day, enabling users to monitor glucose trends effectively.

For those who prefer a smartphone-based solution, the Freestyle Libre 2 app offers a seamless experience. By scanning the sensor with the app on certain mobile devices, users can instantly access their current glucose data and detect trends directly on their smartphones. The app provides the same comprehensive information and features as the reader, making it a convenient and portable alternative for users of various operating systems.

CGM app on a phone, compatible with various operating systems, displaying high blood glucose levels on the glucose graph, allowing users to review their glucose history.


The Freestyle Libre 2 system is designed to integrate seamlessly into individuals’ daily routines, offering a user-friendly experience that simplifies glucose monitoring. With no fingersticks required, individuals can bid farewell to the discomfort and inconvenience of old-school methods and embrace a more convenient and streamlined approach to diabetes management.

Health insurance document with information about Freestyle Libre 14-day sensor coverage and third-party payor options for extended party coverage.

Freestyle Libre 2 and Medicare Coverage

For individuals managing diabetes, the Freestyle Libre 2 continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) system offers a valuable tool to continuously monitor blood glucose levels and make informed health decisions. If you are a Medicare beneficiary and considering using the Freestyle Libre 2 to enhance your diabetes management, it’s essential to understand the coverage options available, including third-party payors. This section provides a straightforward guide on how Medicare and third-party coverage can cover the Freestyle Libre 2 system. We’ll outline the eligibility criteria and necessary steps to obtain coverage, empowering you to access this innovative CGM system and review glucose data to take better control of your diabetes management. By working closely with your healthcare provider and exploring third-party coverage options, you can optimize your diabetes care and enjoy improved glucose monitoring capabilities.

1. Talk to Your Doctor

  • Schedule a visit with your doctor to discuss your diabetes management needs.

  • Request a prescription for the Freestyle Libre 2 system, which must include both the reader and the sensors for Medicare coverage.

2. Check Eligibility

  • Ask your healthcare provider if you qualify for the FreeStyle Libre 2 system through Medicare.

  • Ensure you meet the necessary criteria, such as having a diabetes diagnosis and using insulin.

3. Obtain a Prescription

  • Once your doctor has prescribed the Freestyle Libre 2 system, your prescription must include both the reader and the sensors to be eligible for Medicare coverage.

4. Work with a Supplier

  • Aptiva Medical is a Medicare-approved supplier that can help fulfill your prescription for the Freestyle Libre 2 system.

  • Your healthcare provider will collaborate with Aptiva Medical to provide you with the Freestyle Libre 2 system, including the reader and sensors.

Remember, staying informed about Medicare coverage policies is vital as they can change over time. Don’t hesitate to reach out to Medicare or your healthcare provider for up-to-date information and guidance on obtaining coverage for the Freestyle Libre 2 CGM system.

happy old man using the Freestyle Libre 2 system with glucose alarms, ensuring accurate monitoring of blood glucose levels to prevent missed alarms and manage diabetes effectively.

Enhancing Diabetes Management with Freestyle Libre 2

Freestyle Libre 2 not only offers ease of use and accuracy but also has the potential to significantly enhance diabetes management. By providing continuous glucose monitoring and real-time insights, this revolutionary system empowers individuals to make informed decisions and take proactive steps toward better health. In this section, we will explore how Freestyle Libre 2 enhances diabetes management and contributes to improved overall well-being.

One of the significant advantages of Freestyle Libre 2 is the wealth of insights gained from continuous glucose monitoring. Unlike old-fashioned methods that provide intermittent readings, Freestyle Libre 2 offers a comprehensive view of glucose levels throughout the day and night. By tracking glucose range, trends and patterns, individuals can identify how their blood sugar responds to different meals, exercise, medication, and other factors.

This level of detailed information allows individuals to personalize their diabetes management strategies. They can make adjustments to their diet, exercise routines, medication schedules, and diabetes treatment decisions based on real-time feedback, leading to more precise and effective management of blood sugar levels. With Freestyle Libre 2, individuals become active participants in their own care, fostering a sense of empowerment and control over their diabetes.

Moreover, the continuous monitoring provided by Freestyle Libre 2 offers a deeper understanding of how lifestyle choices impact glucose levels. Individuals can observe the effects of specific foods, stress, sleep patterns, and other factors on their blood sugar, helping them make more informed choices for better glycemic control. This knowledge equips them with the tools to make proactive changes and take charge of their health.

Another notable benefit of Freestyle Libre 2 is the potential for improved glycemic control. With continuous glucose monitoring, individuals can detect and address high or low blood sugar levels in real time. The system can be set to provide customizable alarms, alerting individuals when their glucose values go above or below pre-set thresholds. These timely alerts enable prompt intervention, helping individuals maintain optimal blood sugar levels and reduce the risk of diabetes-related complications.

The convenience and accuracy of Freestyle Libre 2, combined with the valuable insights gained from continuous monitoring, can lead to better overall well-being. Individuals can experience greater peace of mind, knowing that they have access to real-time information and the tools to make informed decisions about their diabetes management. This enhanced control over their health can contribute to reduced stress, improved quality of life, and increased confidence in managing their condition.

Freestyle Libre 2 represents a significant leap forward in glucose monitoring, offering a transformative experience for individuals living with diabetes. By eliminating the need for fingerstick tests and providing continuous and accurate glucose readings, this groundbreaking system empowers users with convenience, ease of use, and invaluable insights into their diabetes management. With the ability to personalize their strategies, make proactive changes, and achieve better glycemic control, individuals can experience improved overall well-being and a newfound sense of control over their health. Freestyle Libre 2 truly marks a remarkable shift from pinpricks to progress, revolutionizing the way we monitor and manage diabetes.

Image of a happy woman checking her CGM device monitor through the Freestyle LibreLink app on certain mobile devices, accessing valuable sensor glucose information

If you’re seeking a Medicare-approved supplier to help you obtain the Freestyle Libre 2 CGM system, look no further than Aptiva Medical. As a trusted and authorized supplier, Aptiva Medical is dedicated to providing excellent service and support to individuals with diabetes in navigating the Medicare coverage process.

For personalized assistance and to find out more about how Aptiva Medical can help you obtain the Freestyle Libre 2 system under Medicare coverage, please don’t hesitate to call our friendly team.

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