FreeStyle Libre 14-day

The Freestyle Libre 14-day system is a revolutionary glucose monitoring technology designed for people with diabetes.

This system allows users to monitor their glucose levels without the frequent need for fingerstick blood samples. Instead, it utilizes a small sensor that is applied to the back of the upper arm. This sensor can measure glucose levels in the interstitial fluid just under the skin and provides real-time glucose readings.

The Freestyle Libre system includes a handheld reader that, when placed near the sensor, can display the current glucose level, the glucose data over the last 8 hours, and a trend arrow that shows if glucose levels are rising, falling, or stable. This information is accessible with a simple scan, making it much easier for users to manage their glucose levels effectively. The system is designed to stay on the body for up to 14 days, offering continuous monitoring and a comprehensive view of glucose patterns, which can be pivotal for making informed diabetes management decisions.


Includes: FreeStyle Libre 2 Reader, USB cable, power adapter, user’s manual, usage guides


Operating Temperature: 50°F-113°F

Power: Lithium-ion battery (rechargeable)

Size: 95mm x 60mm x 16mm

Weight: 65 g


Operating Temperature: 50°F-113°F

Power: Silver oxide battery

Size: 5mm height, 35mm diameter

Weight: 5 g

Reading Range: 40-400 mg/dL

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The FreeStyle Libre 2 sensors are highly accurate inside the 14 days of recommended use.
The Libre 2 shares the same features as the Libre 14, but with the addition of option alarms including for high and low glucose readings.
If your reader or sensor becomes damaged, please call Aptiva Medical customer care at 1-800-252-9020. Our CGM Specialist will help you trouble shoot the problem and assist you contacting the manufacturer to arrange for a replacement, if necessary.
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