Bottom line? Better outcomes.

CGM Supplies delivered at no cost to you or your patients
Improve treatment compliance
Empower patients to manage their diabetes
Significantly lower your A1C
Get better clinical outcomes

Aptiva makes diabetes easier to manage.

We deliver continuous glucose monitoring systems and supplies to your patients and bill their insurance. Most referrals get their CGM supplies at no out-of-pocket cost. And it’s free for you, too!


Free Delivery of CGM Supplies

Patient Portal

The patient portal makes ordering easy. We’ll even send reorder reminders to ensure your patients always have supplies.

No Paperwork

With Aptiva, there’s no physical paperwork to deal with. Just sign your scripts on-screen, and we’ll handle the rest.

Ongoing Support

You and your patients will have access to clinical guidance from an actual human being regarding the CGM systems we offer.

Better Management

Equip your patients with the best CGM brands. Download data to optimize treatment and give your patients the best chance of success.

Patients who meet the following criteria should qualify for Medicare coverage of their CGM system and supplies

Diagnosed with diabetes mellitus
Insulin-dependent with 3+ injections per day OR a pump
Regimen requires frequent adjustment according to BGM or CGM
A doctor has confirmed these criteria in the past 6 months
Patient must follow up every 6 months during CGM use
Contact Us Aptiva Representative for CGM. Diabetes Management

Call to speak with a CGM specialist.

If you’re not sure which CGM system is right for you or if you have questions about your insurance or our services, call to speak to a CGM specialist who is happy to help.